We offer seven 5-week employment courses throughout the year. Classes are Tuesdays and Thursdays and there are eight students  per course. You can sponsor a student or multiple students to take a 5-week employment course.

Our students have physical and intellectual challenges. Their physical and intellectual challenges make it more difficult for them to find employment than others. We assess each student to identify their skills, strengths and interests. In our 5-week employment course each student will be taught career planning, workplace skills training and interview training. They will also learn self-advocacy  and how  earned income works with their SSI payments and Medicaid. A professional resume will be prepared for each student and job search assistance will be offered. We diligently work on the behalf of each student even beyond the 5-Week course until each student is employed.


The love, patience, time and effort that we pour into each student weekly is priceless. We teach GED classes every Monday and Wednesday for 47 weeks throughout the year. (A total of 94 GED classes a year) We only permit 8 students at a time because of the nature of tutoring that must be given. You can sponsor a class or multiple classes.

Our students have physical and intellectual challenges. They can learn, but not at the same pace as other students who don't have their challenges. Unlike traditional GED classes we patiently teach each student and move them at the pace in which they can learn. Our  classes are customized for each individual student and offers adults with disabilities an opportunity to earn their GED. Once the student is prepared they will take their GED test at a local GED testing site and if scores on the GED test are satisfactory, they will be awarded an official High School Equivalency Diploma by the State of Alabama. This credential is considered equivalent to a high school diploma. Earning their GED will fill their hearts with joy, build confidence and improve their chances for employment.


​​We have room for eight students per class, that's a total of 16 students a week that we can teach vital computer skills. You can sponsor a class or multiple classes.

We teach two computer classes every Friday for 47 weeks throughout the year. (A total of 94 computer classes a year) We cover everything from simple introduction to computers to advance classes such as Powerpoint. These classes allow students with disabilities an opportunity to enhance their computer skills, improve their independence and increase their employment opportunities. Our labs are equipped with accessible computers that can meet the need of individuals with different disabilities and adjustable tables to accommodate any size wheelchair.

​All of our programs and services are provided at no cost to the student. Please fill out the form below to provide your sponsorship. Thank you for your generosity!